About the Artist

Windloft Workshop is home to artist Michelle, who has been creating fantastic worlds, characters and creatures for most of her life. It is the realization of a longtime dream for her to open her own shop to sell her artistic creations to fantasy art enthusiasts around the world. She enjoys practicing in numerous media—clay, pen and ink, acrylic and watercolours, alcohol markers, coloured pencils, digital art programs, and more—and is always eager to try her hand at new materials and styles.

Having spent her formative years in a small Canadian town in a beautiful, remote setting, her inspiration comes unsurprisingly from the natural world. She has a particular affinity for wildlife—both real and imagined. Employing a keen sense of observation to help lend a sense of realism to her work, she wishes to invite her audience into the imaginary realms in her mind’s eye. With fluid and expressive lines, her creations are shaped and refined as much by intuition and emotion as by various tools and a meticulous hand.

Moon Dragon painting detail—head and horns