Coloring Pages Now for Sale

Drawing and inking are two of my favourite artistic activities. So I decided to start out the new shop by offering a selection of downloadable PDF coloring pages. These pages vary widely in theme and level of detail. Whether you like clean lines that allow you the freedom to color and shade the way you like, or prefer a highly-detailed drawing to make your colors “pop” with less time and effort, you’ll find something to enjoy in my new collection. There are dragons (of course), fairy-themed images, and my ever-popular Green Man—with many more drawings already in the works! Check them out now in the shop!

The beauty of downloadable coloring pages is that you can choose to print them on whatever media you prefer. For instance, if you like a heavier bristol paper for coloring with Copics, then you can customize to your liking. Better yet, try printing the same image onto other types of paper to try your hand at different media.

Note: I do plan to offer printed coloring books in the future, but I’m still working out printing and shipping options. I definitely want to use a quality printing service that offers a selection of premium papers, rather than go the quick-and-easy Createspace route. Offering digital pages seems a decent compromise to allow folks to get coloring right away in the meantime.