Building the Workshop from the Ground Up

I’m excited to announce that my dream business of producing and selling my own fantasy art and handcrafted creations is finally off the ground!

It’s been a long journey to fully realize the concept I’ve always had in my mind, but I know that every step and deviation along the way was a necessary one. At no other time has it felt like the right moment; both I, and it, were simply not ready. Now, having taken the time and space I needed to properly develop the Workshop’s goals and branding, my dreams and ambitions have evolved into something more elaborate than I’d originally envisioned. Some of my plans won’t see the light of day for awhile yet, but having a rough roadmap in place helps me dream even bigger than I ever had before.

More importantly, spending the time to build the Workshop from the ground up gave me the opportunity to examine what drives me to create in the first place. Who do I wish to engage with? What “story” do I wish to tell? How do I wish to tell that story? Creating art has sometimes felt like nothing more than a selfish act; I “create” simply because it brings me pleasure. While that’s true enough, in reality, art doesn’t exist within a vacuum once it’s shared.

In examining my “why”s and “what”s, I realized that the pleasure has always stemmed from a deep desire to communicate, to tell stories in and of themselves. To bridge the gap between my mind and another’s, and create a deeper, unspoken connection. To tandemly and spontaneously craft worlds and peoples and events, by melding both our shared and unique experiences together. Once shared and received, and shared again, the story told by the art evolves and takes on a life all its own. Today, in a world that feels increasingly bereft of real human connection, the act of reaching out to other people through form, colour, texture, light, and sound—a truly universal language—seems more important than ever. It’s my hope to make meaningful connections through art in its many forms, that encourages communication and further creation through the sharing of yet more stories.

Windloft Workshop is the culmination of almost 25 years of dreaming, planning, musing and plotting. So, if you’re here reading this, thank you for joining me as I embark on an epic journey of creativity, and sharing my work with the world. I look forward to interacting with fans of my art, both new and old, so please don’t be shy. Comment or ask questions on my posts; I’d be happy to chat with you, and I look forward to shaping the story of this journey together. 🙂