Green Man Archival Art Prints

I’m excited to announce that my Green Man painting version 2.0 has finally been completed!

I’ve always wanted to redo/refine this piece in the form that was always intended. Originally, the design was created for a local newspaper, as a “beer label” idea to accompany their cover story on local craft beer. On client request, the Green Man was made to hold a mug of beer in one of his vines, rather than be surrounded by text and decorative elements like a typical beer label (to make room for cover text). There was also a tight deadline as to when the paper would go to press, so there was a limited amount of detail I could add to the artwork to submit it in time.

While the final design for that project was well-received, I still had a desire to complete the unaltered Green Man in the way I’d originally envisioned. So here he is at last! I’m thrilled with the more polished look, and the symmetry of his form as the sole subject matter of the piece. My painting skills have also improved since the original version was produced years ago, so it has all the refinements and details I may never have been able to achieve back then.

I’m also thrilled to announce that my Green Man is now available as a high-quality art print!

Wreathed in a variety of lush greenery, this serene and wise Green Man has witnessed many a turn of the seasons. Celebrate the awakening of the world after winter’s long slumber with this benevolent forest spirit!

These fully archival, 8″ x 10″ Green Man art prints are printed on beautiful lustre paper with vibrant inks. Showcasing crisp detail and rich colour, they will bring lasting beauty for decades to come under indoor display conditions.

Available to purchase now in the Windloft Workshop store!

Product Details:

8″ x 10″
No matte/frame (print only)
Open edition

Artwork copyright © 2018 Michelle Landry / Windloft Workshop

Green Man art prints for sale