Moon Dragon Art Print Now Available

I’m excited to announce that my Moon Dragon painting is now complete! This lunar dragon art print is now available for purchase in my shop.

This priestess of the moon is a guardian of the night, watching over the slumber of all living things. Adorned with delicate pearls and crystals—and with ornate runes inscribed upon her horns—she watches serenely over her wards via her luminous scrying orb. Each circular mark on her wings represents one full month of standing vigil through the night. On this night of the full moon, she’ll have earned herself one more.

Fittingly enough, a huge, golden, bright full moon hung in the sky the night before she was completed—how cool is that?!

I’m someone who’s always had difficulty sleeping through the night, being a night owl and suffering from insomnia, nightmares etc. I’ve always loved the idea of a gentle, benevolent presence watching over me to lull me into slumber. As such, this painting holds a very special place in my heart. I’m delighted to finally be able to share it with the world!

Available to purchase now in the Windloft Workshop store!

Moon Dragon painting detail—claws, hands and orb Moon Dragon painting detail—head and horns

Moon Dragon art prints available to order now!