Royalty-Free Licensed Artwork: Now Available in the Shop

Windloft Workshop now offers royalty-free artwork to license for Personal, Non-Profit and Commercial Use! It comes in two options: a Standard Licence (for sales of End Products up to 250 units) and an Extended Licence (for Unlimited sales of End Products). A page with full licence details is available here.

So, what can you do with licensed, royalty-free artwork from Windloft Workshop?


You can create an unlimited number of personal projects from one licensed purchase! Whether you like to draw, paint, etch, sculpt, carve or work with a needle and thread, there’s virtually no limit to what you can create. Print and cut a stencil to paint some DIY wall decor, or use the art as a template to hand-embroider your favourite fabric for a special keepsake or family heirloom. The only thing you can’t do is sell the art and crafts you make from the artwork; but you can give things away as gifts as much as you like!


You can use the artwork for the same sorts of projects as for Personal Uses, but for only one project at a time. A project could be an awareness campaign for a social cause—design and print up posters, postcards, magnets, a newsletter banner for MailChimp and a video intro for YouTube. All the bits and pieces of one cohesive campaign counts as a single project, so get creative and think of all the ways you can boost your public outreach. Like the Personal Use category, you can’t sell anything you make, but you can give your creations away—such as t-shirts and buttons—as a promotional or outreach campaign.


If you’re a designer with an agency, working freelance with your own clients, or running your own craft business, you can use the artwork in a single project/campaign to create an entire suite of items: business cards, postcards, brochures, a website theme, letterhead and more for the launch of a new business would all constitute a single project! You can even create digital or physical items for sale, including design assets for sale on Graphic Stock, iStock or Creative Market. Either you or your client would be able to sell up to 250 units of the product over its lifetime under the Standard Licence. Need to sell more? The Extended Licence has you covered so you or your client can sell an Unlimited number of units for a single product (or a cohesive product line) without further investment.


If you’re a creative and crafty person who likes to design and craft apparel, leatherworked items, stained glass art, handmade book covers, needlecrafts—you name it—you can use the artwork as a template for your work. Or incorporate it directly into a striking graphic design for placement on a t-shirt! Make and sell the products yourself, or enlist the services of a drop-shipper or wholesale manufacturer to fulfill product orders for you. You’re only limited by the licence you purchase: the Standard Licence allows for 250 units of End Products sold; the Extended Licence lets you sell Unlimited units of a single product or entire product line using the same art.

One special note: there is no option for Unlimited Projects with either licence; you must still purchase additional licences for multiple Projects/Campaigns or Clients for Non-Profit or Commercial purposes. You also cannot mix uses of the artwork: if you purchase the Standard Licence for Personal projects, you cannot also use the same Licence purchase to create products for sale under Commercial use.

The Bottom Line

There’s so much you can do with your licensed artwork, but as always, please read the fine print before purchasing rights to any of my licensable artwork. If you still have any questions as to whether a particular use of the artwork is appropriate, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Then visit the shop to purchase your favourite artwork!

Then, share your creations with myself and the artistic community on social media with the hashtag #CreateWithWindloft. I can’t wait to see what wizardry you create with my royalty-free art!