Dragon Pendants in Polymer Clay Coming Soon

It’s not all virtual products at Windloft! While I’ve started with digital colouring pages in my shop, I do have a number of physical products in the works. Some just need a few finishing touches before they’re ready for sale. The first of these are my hand-sculpted polymer clay dragon pendants.

I’ve come up with three initial designs: an adorably curled western dragon, a resplendent feathered serpent, and a regal sea dragon. These individually hand-made dragon pendants will come in a few different colour options. I’m having a great time coming up with dramatic colourations for these little guys! I won’t be offering custom colours for the time-being, but it is something I’m considering for the future. I want to use standardized colour choices for now to ensure consistent results while I work out a production flow.

I’ve also debated whether to make these into ornaments, as well as wearable pieces. I think they’d make great magnets, if there was any interest in that. Let me know in the comments if there’s a specific format you’d like to see available for purchase!

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